Thursday, 4 July 2013


After two years of sitting up until ridiculous hours while trying to find a novel approach to a theme, I think I am in a position to recommend this endeavour.  Without this blog it would be easy to allow writing to slip into something comfortable, something I put on occasionally or when the mood suits.  Having a weekly deadline for the blog, and a monthly deadline for the open mic events, provides the regular impetus that keeps me writing.  Writing amongst talented and creative minds such as the Dead Good Poets keeps me striving to up my game.  Blogging is an art form.  We are constantly improving.

On the second birthday of the blog, I'd like to say a special congratulations to Ashley Lister.  Without his constant attention and hard work, the open mic events and the blog wouldn't happen.  Sure, there's a group of folks beside him, and we all do our bit, but it's Ashley who makes sure the practical arrangements are in place that allow us to continue.  His long-term commitment has built the DGP from a small group of enthusiastic students into a 200 plus throng of poetry lovers.  Michelle Hayward has tirelessly promoted the group and co-hosted our events for past five years and she also deserves recognition (and a drink) for making the DGP something we can boast to our friends about.

And without further schmooze or ado, I present:

Deux Deux

Two is a euphemistic crap
A cardinal without his hat
Two is a glyph that resembles a duck
The switch that transforms me into them and us
Two are the shoes but rarely the socks
It's goggles and crutches and earrings and rocks
Two has a wubble-dew sneakily hid
It's Ray's dancing toaster, Venkman's rampant id
Two is a couplet upholding strong verse
It's the fingers I raise to the perceived reader's expectation of form.

Random thought for the day: If the blog was a person, would you invite him/her over for a brew or would you suggest meeting in a public place?


Colin Davies said...

I second everything said in this 'ere blog. Mainly because it's better than what I had to say, but also because I agree with it.

And Vicky, going away from the given form of the poem at the end there, that must be rare and exotic poetry style you've read about in Forbes Magazine or something. :)

Lisa Kelly said...

I think, dependent on the day you are reading, people may offer to meet for a coffee at the nearest mental health facility!

Three cheers for Michelle and Ashley - and some for you Vicky because your poetry brings real class to the the blog... love it!

L xxx

Ashley R Lister said...

Thank you. Great post. And I can't tell you how much that means.

Ash x

(PS - if I invited the blog over for a brew I would put newspapers on the settee. Just saying).