Wednesday, 23 October 2013

10 things I think are quite poo

 I don't do lists. My head is a mishmash of randomness, as a result I forget things a lot and am very disorganised. I'll give it a try though. Perhaps I could list some things I dislike. Shouldn't take long.

1. The Daily Mail. A huge cup of bile which whips it's readership into a furious rage over breakfast. This rage lasts throughout the day and is shared with anyone sorry enough to encounter them and can't get away quickly enough. Vomiting unfounded 'facts' and fury on buses to startled passengers is a common side effect of reading the Mail.

2. Licorice. It's just horrible. Tastes like satan's dangly's.

3. Blue cheese. If I want to eat mould I'd just get it straight from the bread bin.

4. Game requests on Facebook. Oooh, I have a new notification, I wonder if I've been tagged or if one of my friends has said something interesting on a comment I post...FUUUUUU!

5. People who can't have a debate about an important issue without taking offence or getting personal. This is particularly rife on the tinterwebs. Adolf Hitler's regime is usually used as a comparative at some point.

6. Shabby Chic. Yes lets paint a perfectly good piece of furniture white and 'distress' it badly and flog it to people who think they're being 'alternative'. But they're not, everyone's doing it. Tweeeeeeeeeee.

7. Twilight. The books and movies. Do I really need to explain this one?

8. Crappy crafting blogs. You made jewellery box out of a pringles can an some old doilies? Well done, very productive. Enjoy your cheesy smelling jewellery.

9. Wasps. Sadistic blighters who terrorise BBQ's and small children with ice lollies, no need for it. Stripy winged weapon wielders.

10. Sub list here. A list of words I don't like;

a. Flange
b. Gusset
c. Moist
d. Claggy
e. Clunge

It's just the sound I dislike about these words. Particularly in a sentence all together. A moist claggy clunge in a gusset. Shudder.



Ashley R Lister said...

I agree with every one of these except for number two (snigger).

Game requests on FaceBook are nature's way of encouraging you to find the UNFRIEND button.


Colin Davies said...

Now that is a list worthy of a fridge door.

And even though I don't agree with your word choices, flange being one of my all time favourite and is not used on the News enough IMHO, I enjoy the fact that you really have put some thought into hating things.

Great post

vicky ellis said...

The words in point 10 sounds like lists a foodie would use to describe expensive cheese.

Blue cheese is amazing but given your feelings about those words, I get why you don't like it ;)