Monday, 10 February 2014

The see you smile

OK, purple prose, yeah.

Firstly I looked up 'prose' or as I found out, to just write normally. Then I looked up 'purple' which returned various information sites talking about colour. I figured this was not the answer I was looking for, so I typed in 'Purple Prose' and found that it is a piece of writing that is exaggerated and over the top, over flowery or over told.

Then it dawned on me, this week is national by a card week or Valentine's day. This, to me, obviously meant over the top, loved up to the max, romantic prose (see I can use the word now)

So, using my muse as inspiration, I started writing. I think I've written more of a poem to be honest however, it is very much something to be delivered with emotion in a performance with more ham than a pig.

Whatever it is I'm pretty sure I got the purple patches right.


To See You Smile

To see you smile
because of me.
Not to mock,
nor to sympathise,
nor to stand over me with grandeur
controlling my every movement by the sheer whim of your thought.

To see you smile
because of me,
my wit,
or my charm
or because you simply knew I was alive and saw me
bestow some kindness on a stranger for nothing less than your approval.

To see you Smile
because of me
and hear the singing angels
ignited in to the song of a thousand heavens
by the delight radiated from your face
just from having the smallest, most minute, insignificant thought of me

To see you smile
because of me,
is to see more than this or any universe has to offer,
is to be encapsulated by a moment the expunges all light
except that which shows your face
and blesses my eyes with a power far greater than the creator himself

To see you smile
because of me
Is all I ever need to live for.
Nothing, not even the greatest of all the foods and wines
could ever be more intoxicating
than to see you smile,
because of me.



Adele said...

You were right about the ham. Is your muse a bacon sandwich Colin? How many millions of times have I told you not to exaggerate!! Great stuff.

Colin Davies said...

Thank you Adele. I enjoyed writing this one.

Lindsay said...


Great post Colin,

Ashley R Lister said...

That was so purple you deserve to be... marooned.


Colin Davies said...

Thanks peeps

bostin said...

Hi colin it looks like the effects of my smile have rubbed off on you smiling is good for the soul Anne Ward