Sunday, 25 May 2014


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Good evening readers. This week on the blog we've been considering writing spaces. For me, the best writing spaces are the places where poetry almost finds itself- the brilliant countryside, the breathtaking views, the cross-country journeys are just some of my favourite places of inspiration. I always remember Lara telling me how her tutor Paul Farley loved to write on trains- and given the abundance of train poems out there, I would say that he is not alone in his poetic rail loving.
We all know of the great poets based in the Lake District and there have been many great observational poems written from cafes and bars, which leads me to deduce that the only key factor in a 'writing space' is the chance to ponder and to breathe for yourself- that it is somewhere with the ability to be secluded and allow the thoughts to dance.
On that note, this Wednesday I will be taking a workshop for the Walking on Wyre project at Rossall Point in Fleetwood. I took a stroll out there yesterday and as always, was amazed by the serenity of the sea. It made me think of journeys, of holidays, of mythical creatures and of childhood. I like places like that, and there is a wonderful, over-leaning building from which we'll be writing so, if that is your bag or you like free tea and coffee, I'll see you in the week.
Until then, I'd like to share a brief poem with you that was inspired by a recent Beacon Fell visit with Lara. It really is a cracking place to sit, eat and think so if you get the chance, it is well worth a visit.

Hillside view from Beacon Fell, May 2014


A hilltop view out to the coast
as the sun sinks in the sky
provides a chance for looking on
as birds below us fly.

The cattle graze on buttercups
a chewing sound serene
that's permeated now and then
by a two-stroke farm machine.

And as we picnic on that hill
set in oranges and greens
it's not just trees casting long shadows
but nights stretched out like these.

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Adele said...

And someone to share it all with. How wonderful Shaun.

Colin Davies said...

Attachments to environment are a great source of inspiration. Beacon Fell fills my head with stories of ancient lands filled with magic and dragons.

Fab post, and enjoy the workshop.