Friday, 20 June 2014

A Magnificent Milestone ....

I feel truly privileged to be writing for the Dead Good Blog as it achieves its 1000th post and continues in the strong manner that has already brought it thus far. When I was originally asked to become a regular blogger I admit to feelings of worry, fear, and downright panic. Would I be able to do this? Would my writing be good enough? What if I can't think of something on theme? Can I devote the time?  I shouldn't have worried too much, it gets a little easier with practice and time, but those gremlins still inhabit the back of my mind hence the feeling of privilege.

The found poems that have been posted already this week are awesome and shows the depth and variety of styles that this wonderful Blog has brought to us. Each individual line of my found poem this week is from a different poem or line of a blog to the last. I have also found it great to look back at old posts and re-discover that very same talent. I'm afraid I don't know how to link each line to the corresponding poem, but I will list the authors at the end of this post.

Cumulative Collection - A Magnificent Milestone:

I've been absorbed and inspired by many
but the thought was a distraction
almost like mentally completing a jigsaw

choose something unknown on a whim
writing in pure sound
weaving the details in
a small sigh of despair
before circling inwards
... because of that haunting / hateful tune that repeats 
 the rhythms and cadences drawing me out of reality
moving between fantasy and reality, dwelling in a liminal space
Words against actions foolishly ignored
Of the seemingly eternal abyss

do the lyrics hold true at all

it's not just trees casting long shadows
Eventually, you return to the page.
A photo just isn’t the same

The authors of these wonderful lines are:  Ashley R Lister, Shaun Brookes, Colin Davies, Vicky Ellis (An impulsive berk), Lara Clayton, Lindsay Mulholland, Sheilagh Dyson, Cerridwen Lee. Be sure to look up their work on this blog.

Thanks for reading.  ;-) x



gibbo101010 said...

I really do feel inspired when I read your Friday blogs.
Thank you Louise...

An impulsive berk said...

Wow. How did you manage to get it to flow so effortlessly? I really struggled with that aspect. This poem really sums up the ups and downs of writing poetry and blogging. Bloody brill! :D

Louise Barklam said...

Cheers Gib, that really does mean a lot. :-) x

Louise Barklam said...

Thanks Vicky, It took me a looooooong time, and quite a lot of caffeine and cursing. ;-) x

Colin Davies said...

Quite simple brilliant. This week has been a wonderful celebration of everone who as been a part of this fantastic award winning project.

Louise Barklam said...

Thank you Colin. All the bloggers felt it was important to celebrate the amazing words / work that have been contributed over the years. I hope we've done the blog justice. ;-) x