Friday, 26 September 2014

A map for life ....

Maps .... many of us would be lost without them! (Ba-bum-tush)

Seriously though, at some point you're probably going to need one in your life. Helping to broaden horizons and directing us in the right direction, you can't beat a proper map (except if you're looking for a new build which isn't on your map which inevitably was printed the year before). Even sat-nav's get directions wrong. I'm sure you have heard a tale of someone being directed down a farm track into the middle of nowhere or even being told, by said sat-nav, to drive straight ahead, even though there is a cliff in front of them. Like I said, you can't beat a proper map!

Directing life's journey:

Plotted before
from A to B
the journey 
seems simple.
Following the plan
to the letter,
ignoring the branches
leads to a predictable,
dull life.
Exploring those 
small deviations
broadens horizons
and minds.
Like a medical chart
maps out
the veins and arteries
bringing crucial blood
to vital organs,
valuable knowledge
is acquired
by seeking out
the smaller byways too.
Each path essential
to a full existence.

Take an adventure one day. Go along the road less travelled (taking care of your personal safety obviously). You never know what you might find!

Thanks for reading. ;-) x