Saturday, 13 December 2014

Escape To Reality!

A trip to Blackpool has long been a form of escapism for many: a family holiday by the sea where the sun always shines; a wild week-end where, if you can remember what you did, then you weren't having a good enough time; a drive through the illuminations as the next best thing to finding Neverland; a Saturday trek up the motorways of England to see the mighty Seasiders in their pomp at Bloomfield Road. I've done all of the above, that latter one regularly for many seasons.

But what if you live in Blackpool, as many of us - including myself now - actually do? Have we escaped to reality in some convoluted way? [Pend that thought.]

Perversely, I'm not actually in Blackpool as I write this, being down in London for this afternoon's game at Charlton. So time is of the essence and - brevity being the soul of wit - today's blog must by definition be both soulful and witty! [LOL]

Blackpool Illuminated - South Promenade

Fittingly, the poem is brief, too! Actually, I'd rather think of it as succinct. It flares, reaches escape velocity and is gone. I dashed it off a couple of months ago in honour of the afore-mentioned illuminations, for which Blackpool is rightly famous, but I think it fits the week's theme...

Brilliant bulbs burn bold and bright,
Luminous lovers hug the humming night,
Accelerating to the speed of light within this
Zoetrope of zany ebullient bliss –
Event horizon quickened with a kiss!

Thanks for reading. Have a good week. Come on you Seasiders - we need the points! S ;-)


Matthew Pike said...

I just try to get out of it as much as possible!

Steve Rowland said...

I like the ambiguity of that :-0