Friday, 12 December 2014


We all need it in some form or other. Escapism. The ability to remove oneself from reality, if only for a short while, whether to re-charge ones batteries or try to block something out. But it's a sad thing really that anyone has need to do it don't you think?

Personally, I love a good book to immerse myself in, listening to my favourite music, or even better still, create my own little world through writing poetry. I tried story writing, but after one page I lost the thread and didn't know where else to go with it. So however poor I am at poetry, I decided to stick with that instead. These days though, the only poems I write tend to be for this blog or the open mic nights, so I'm not quite as prolific as I once was. Anyway, something is usually better than nothing, so it'll have to do.

My offering this week puzzled me though. As I was composing it, I had a tune rattling around in my head simultaneously, which has resulted in a more lyrical style that I don't normally write in. But hey-ho, I went with the flow. ;-) I am also struggling to think of a title for it, so any suggestions would be welcome in the comments box below.

I dream,
I write,
In vivid colour
or black and white,
reality fading,
knowing no bounds,
melting away.

Each strike 
of a key,
every word
my pen frees,
creates new worlds,
fresh life,
a brand new day.

my playground,
a blank canvas,
eager background,
just waiting 
for the beginning,
that first spark.

Bringing joy,
and happiness,
away from real life -
what a mess!
my escape,
my sanctuary,
my light from dark!

Thanks for reading my waffle. ;-) x


Adele Robinson said...

Really like the rhythm in this one Louise. Yes it is different - shorter, punchy lines.

A title - best to wait for that to find you next time you escape!