Thursday, 13 October 2011


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OK, it should be clear from the photograph that I am blessed/cursed with a surfeit of ideas. The bloody things plague me day and night. My current 'best resource' is paper and a pen. Without it I would undoubtedly be committed indefinitely to the horror that is Parkwood. With it I can pass by as a reasonably normal person on a good day.

While I can keep my brain occupied I get along OK. College is great for that. I feed lots of information in and this gives my head something to do, stops it misbehaving. Work, however is a different story. I'm not exactly taxed in my job. I shuffle paper. I email. I answer the telephone. I file. I minute. I chat. The most difficult problem usually involves tracing a set of notes. This means that the inquisitive portion of my brain has time to wonder/wander. Most of my ideas are formed while typing letters about dietetic concerns.

I'm not ashamed to admit (anymore) that I have a tendency to mania. Depression too but that's tends to be less productive. In fact it's like a black hole for inspiration but I digress. When I'm manic the ideas trip over each other. My thoughts race, whirl, scream. The only way to assuage the onslaught is to pin the ideas down, to scribble them on bits of paper. Hence the pile of Post It Notes and scraps of paper which line my handbag. If I were to aim for allegory you could say that I am a Ghostbuster and the pen is my proton pack while the paper is the ghost trap. I wish you would say that. Did I mention how much I love Bill Murray?

Back to the theme of best resource. Currently these scraps are what I have to work with. I have tried notebooks but when I forget to take it with me Slimer comes tearing through the walls with eclairs hanging from his lips. What I need is a notepad which is either sewn into my skin or surgically attached via a chain. It doesn't need to be very big but the pen must also be surgically attached so I can't lose it. It must never lose charge and I need to be able to transfer the ideas to my PC at the touch of a button. Failing that I would settle for a Pensieve as long as it comes with a transcription and printing option. I'd never bother to watch all those memories back.

My best resource is yet to be realised. If you know somebody at Apple or Microsoft (definitely not Blackberry) please pass this on. Thanks.


Ashley R Lister said...

OK. I was going to argue and say how useful my BlackBerry is. But I'm unable to upload that comment because I'm using a BlackBerry...

Great post, as always.


Ste said...

I have a great picture in my head now of what your home must be like when you're writing... 'Vicky, would you like a
cup of tea? Vicky? Vicky?'. 'There is no Vicky, only Zool!'

Interesting metaphor there Vicks - I enjoyed reading it :)

Tommi T Kekola said...

Great post, Vicky. My problem is really bad memory, for which I'd need paper/post it notes, but because I have bad memory I forget to take any with me... oh and I used to like Bill Murray too, but yesterday, I happened to see Rushmore... I hope I can get back to liking him.

Anonymous said...

I also have an assortment of notes/post-it's lying around but unlike you they are not for creative purposes as the note I wrote to remind me to be creative has vanished, probably used to remove a coughed up furrball (the cat's not mine). If you see someone rummaging in your bin in the midst of night, it will be me, stealing your cast off ideas

vicky ellis said...

Tommi - I enjoyed Rushmore. It didn't put me off him at all :) But then I don't know what would. If I found out he was a Conservative I'd probably still love him.

Anonymous. I know where you live. I'll get those ideas back :P

Anonymous said...

I would have replied but I forgot...