Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Free Poetry Book Giveaway

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This is a Dead Good Blog first, but it won't be the last. Over the next couple of months, a few of the regular bloggers will be offering one lucky follower the chance of winning a free book.

I'm starting the giveaway with Jo Shapcott's Of Mutability. The poetry collection was a Costa Book Award winner at the beginning of 2011, and has been a firm favourite of mine since it was published in 2010.

How to enter:
In order to be in with a chance of winning a free copy of Of Mutability, you must be a follower of A Dead Good Blog; if you aren't already a follower, then click the little follow button.
You then need to leave a comment on the bottom of this post saying: what you like about our blog / what you would like to see on the blog.
Then finally, an email address / twitter name that will allow us to contact you if you win.

A few need-to-know points:
* Please remember to state the name you follow under.

* The giveaway is open to everyone (with the exception of regular bloggers) that is a follower.

*The giveaway will close on Tuesday 13th December at 6pm, and the winner will be selected at random.

Good Luck - and tell your friends.


Ste said...

Surely that should be, 'In order to win a free copy of, 'Of Mutability'?

Lara Clayton said...

Good spot. I was off to babysit my nephew, so I was rushing a little - no excuse though for such careless mistakes.

Jim Murdoch said...

Well I blog regularly but not sure if that makes me a regular blogger. As I only discovered your site yesterday I’m probably not best placed to pass judgement but the articles I’ve read so far and commented on were the kind I like, through-provoking without being contentious. I have one of Shapcott’s other books on my Amazon wish list so thought I’d chance my arm here. Email address: jmurdoch@ntlworld.com

Lara Clayton said...

That's fine Jim, it is just the six people that blog for this particular blog that aren't allowed to enter.
Thank you for joining us, and I hope you continue to enjoy our posts.

Susan said...

I enjoyed the blog written by Jane Brunning. The variety of ideas to stimulate further writing was very useful.

Lara Clayton said...

Hi Susan,
I'm glad that you found Jane's post useful.
Could you please let me know which name you follow under - just in case I need to contact you?

scottydotti said...

Love following this blog and all the bloggers inspire me so much awesome book prize well whoever wins will treasure it ty for doing this hgd happy writing all this festive season luv scottydotti

Nikki Magennis said...

Ooh, love Shapcott!

I like the diversity of posts on this blog. And the irreverence. I wonder if you'd like to do some more interactive poetry making - a chain renga or something? I find those things really fun, and I enjoyed the prompts you posted recently.

My email is nikki dot magennis at gmail dot com. Cheers all!

Lara Clayton said...

Thank you to everyone that entered. The winner of the free book is Nikki Magennis.

Keep your eyes open for more book giveaways.