Saturday, 24 December 2011

Twas the night before Christmas

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By Ashley Lister

It must be the linguist in me because I’ve just spent the last ten minutes researching the word ‘twas’. At first I wasn’t sure if twas is a word. Turns out twas. The definition, that it’s an old-fashioned poetic contraction of it + was makes so much sense I’ve convinced myself that I knew this before I bothered to look it up.

But if you’re reading this on December 24th then twis the night before Christmas, and this is probably the most convenient way for me to extend Season’s Greetings to everyone.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Now, I’m aware that most people will be doing things other than reading poetry blogs on this Christmas Eve, so I’m going to keep this short.

The theme for the last poetry event was Yuletide. It was a spectacular event that included some outstanding poetry, some wonderful humour and even some carol singing.

At the event, the wonderful Colin Davies rightly pointed out that there was an element of cynicism in our collective approaches to Christmas. And, keeping in mind that cynicism is not really appropriate for a time of year that is meant to be magical for children, I’d like to know what you like best about this time of year.

Admittedly, there’s a lot to dislike. There’s cold weather, there’s the nuisance of having to smile at family members, and there’s an emphasis on commercialism.

But there are also many good things at this time of year and sharing them is one of the benefits to Christmas. There are smiling children. There are carols. There are Christmas crackers and turkey leftovers.

So, in the comments box below please, tell us what makes Christmas special for you. Bonus points for anyone who can write them into a Christmas haiku.

Wearing paper hats.
Clementines and satsumas
Between huge meals.



Ste said...

My sister gave birth
A christmas eve baby boy
Welcome to the world

Ashley R Lister said...


Now that really is a reason for smiling at Christmas.

Congratulations to your sister.


Lindsay said...

mountains of gift wrap
covering smiling faces
they got their wishes

Ashley R Lister said...

Good one Lindsay!

Christmas haiku rock
Poets play with festive words
It is the season

vicky ellis said...

Hugging and kissing
Brushing aside difference
Giving and taking

Merry Christmas poets!


Nikki Magennis said...

if we eat enough
our stomachs ache like big smiles
strained to breaking point

Ashley R Lister said...

Vicky & Nikki

These are really making me look forward to Christmas day. Thank you.


Ste said...

Beer beer beer beer beer,
Whiskey vodka Baileys wine,
Beer beer beer beer beer.

Nick Hennessey said...

Even through the hissing wind /
the still small voice /
- Christmas eve

Ashley R Lister said...

Good ones guys. These are /
really making Christmas seem /
special. Thank you. Ash