Monday, 4 February 2013

Flowers and Hearts

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Good evening readers,

As the weeks of this year continue to tick away, we're no sooner paying off the Christmas credit card bills when February is upon us. February, the most expensive month of the year to be a man. Now I know you will scoff at the idea of me doing romance and the idea of anything other than a 'get your coat, you've pulled' kind of line is the last thing you'll be thinking of but, I'll have you know I can be quite the charmer when it comes down to it. In truth I've found it an excellent way to be cheap and come across as wonderful. 
Even the state of the country can't get us males out of Valentine's Day and at this very minute, flies on front room walls throughout the nation are scoffing at the sheer number of us listening to the same old lie again- that she doesn't want anything this year. That it is just a silly day. 
If you were about to fall into this trap, I suggest you get yourself to the nearest forecourt before next week, buy a blank card and some wine (because wine is always the best value gift in Valentine's Day return terms) and write yourself a poem. If you don't have anything, feel free to tweak this, though I'm not guaranteeing it will have the desired effect. 

To My Northern Valentine

The year when we did hearts and flowers
Back when we were cute. 
Was memorable, I'll give you that
but set me back some loot. 

The year when we did nothing at all
Back when I was poor
Was awful, and I must admit
I thought I'd see the door

Here we are now then, years later
and I'll not make that mistake
We're going t'pub, there's footy on
and I'll treat you to a steak. 

Apologies for the absence. 
Thanks for reading, S (Mr Disorganised) 


Ashley R Lister said...

Love this.

Good to see you back. You've been missed.

Adele said...

Ditto. We were sending a search party. Like the down to earth sentiment. Valentine's Day is my birthday so it makes for a cheap night out. Trouble is if I allow someone to feel that they have to take me out on my birthdasy - there is no escaping thr hearts and floweers bit - so I usually decline. No point risking embarrassing anyone.