Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lyrical Ballads

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 By Ashley Lister

 I don’t listen to a lot of pop music. I have no ability to focus on more than one thing so, if I’m listening to lyrics and writing at the same time, you can bet money that those lyrics I’m listening to will appear within the fiction I’m creating. This was most poignantly illustrated by a series of shorts story I wrote entitled: Never Gonna Give You UpThe Power of Love and The Birdy Song.
Perhaps part of the issue here is that I tend not to switch off. I was listening to The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony,  the other day. Aside from enjoying it as a decent piece of music I ended up using it in a class to illustrate the determination of personality and to demonstrate character constructs within fiction.
But it’s rare I get the chance to listen to any form of music. My mobile has the facility to play various tunes but, in truth, I’ve got several series of lectures stored on there: all of which help wile away those long car journeys that would more usually be served by a background of songs and tunes.
That said, if you did come here today looking for good music – these are three of my all time favourite tracks:



Paula said...

Ah, the Twerk, a modern masterpiece. #DownWithTheKids
I suspect however that you have recently had an epiphany regarding your 'musical' orientation , and that this post is really a desperate cry for help... at least, I'm hoping it is.
I can't imagine the horror of a life without good music and the very thought that you have to go through that makes me shudder, so I am going to help you out, furnish you with some of my favourite lyrics, and point you in the right direction for next time you get the urge to 'shake your thing'(fnarr)

Ashley R Lister said...


You're not the first person to suggest that my musical tastes (or absence of them) come across as a cry for help :-)

I see students at the college all the time, unable to make it from the canteen to the classroom without wearing a seat of earpods to feed their music addiction. I'd hate to be so dependent on something outside myself.

Also, it means when I do get to sit down and listen to something: it gets my full and undivided attention. Just like that gorgeous piece by Elbow. Thanks for the link. I'm going to have track down some more of their stuff now.


los angeles venue said...

I really appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thank you again!

Lisa McFleeca said...

If you are going to be inducted into Elbow listening, you need to hear them perform with the BBC concert orchestra. This song was my wedding song and is still on of my favourites
And whenever I feel down about getting divorced I put my divorce song on They are a fab group, I have two of their albums so if you want me to copy them just give us a shout.

Your taste (apart from the obvious butt shaker that doesn't really speak to me...) isn't that shabby, but I have to admit I'm with Paula on this. I can't live without music. My headphones save me from the screeches in the loop, from coursework stress and then they zap some of the rage on other days.

Haven't heard Rick Astley in ages though, my mum still has the LP knocking around somewhere, shall have to go and dig it out. Thanks for that Ash!

Ashley R Lister said...

Perhaps part of the reason why I don't listen to music is that it drowns out the voices telling me to kill. Those voices give me a lot of comfort. :-)

And Elbow really are impressive. I can't believe I'd never heard of them until today.


Lisa McFleeca said...

They were playing in and arund manchester for years and had a massive cult following before being signed and becoming well known - they are fab!

My voices are quite convincing - they require drowning out :-)