Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pop poetry... Euro style

Everybody's talking 'bout pop music.
As Eurovision swept the UK last night, I found myself infront of the telly- a distinct lack of good foreign beers around me and instead, a notepad. I sacrificed my drunken night in, hoping something would come of it that was blog worthy. Well, I have six sides of notes- thoughts on each act with my own personal scorecard rating for each. I have conclude that I am fairly European. I enjoyed the lesbian kissing from Finland's version of Barbie. Punk spirit came along with Greece's 'Alcohol is free' and I appreciated the effort in growing Boris the Blade's hair out especially for the performance. The man in a box from Azerbaijan was maybe not so much my thing but hey, I'm open minded.
When it comes to music, people have all kinds of opinions. Bonnie Tyler for instance. She was tragically bad at the start last night and I was wondering for a moment if anyone would even turn around. If they had they'd have spotted she was out of sync, although this woefulness was not met with complete contempt and our ex-pat communities dished us points out from across Europe. We haven't had a major bailout as recently as Ireland have- so we weren't ever going to be last.
The dig at the voting aside though, there were a hefty few interesting lyrics in play last night. Hungary's lovestruck 'Bye Alex' sang about a girl that"makes waves in seven seas/and she dances in the clouds", "makes a carriage from rosemary/ pulled by crickets". Many nations chose to be more political (worldly perhaps) in their choice of song- "What if we chose to bury our guns" asked Russia. It seems the world is ready to play the peace card and they're dishing it out through music. Choose not to listen to it if you like, there is always Rhianna for when you want something a little more rough in the bedroom.

As the Tories are arguing amongst themselves over whether or not they do like EU, whether their partnerships are allowed to be called marriage and properly equal and whether or not they are backed by swivel eyed loons, it fills me with optimism that the world of popular music has never strayed too
far from the important issues of life. There will always be bands writing punchy lyrics about things that matter- whether that is the state of the nation, their hometown or just a lyrical rant- delivered properly it isn't pop music, it is poetry.

Thanks for reading, S
(below, an un-related poem, for Michael Gove)

The School of No Faith

It's probably fair to say Gove meant
No harm in chasing government
Positions way above his station
Never mind our failing nation
Call in Ofsted, call in Cameron
Call someone to pay him handsome
Get the bloody menace out
He hasn't got the mental clout.

For Gove, we know you meant no wrong
The thing is, this was your swansong
Since last time out you ballsed it up
You've built your bunker and locked it shut
Headteachers, teachers, staff and kids
All long to hear the news we're rid
Of your ideas you bloody fool
What next, now that you've broken school?



Ashley R Lister said...

Great post. Your writing always reminds me to check the calendar and try to work out how long we've got to suffer under this government of thieves and incompetents.


Adele said...

Really on form today Shaun. I think this is probably only the second time I haven't tuned in for Eurovision. I miss Wogan - his rambles were usually the best part.

By Gove - has he gone? Must've been asleep all week!

Roll on the new term - in all connotations.