Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Your Ideas

09:00:00 Posted by Ashley Lister , 7 comments
 by Ashley Lister

 Standard isn't available to fill his usual Wednesday morning slot this week due to relocation issues. In his place, I'm hoping you, constant reader, can help us out.

We're in the process of picking out next year's themes and topics for the Dead Good Blog. Is there anything you want to see being covered? Is there anything you've seen us tackle but you'd like us to try it again?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.



Lisa Kelly said...

Rather than do my chores, I'll think of a few! :-)

Unsung Heroes
End of the World
Who I want to be
That really gets my goat...
Strange but true
Last Supper
Living in a dreamworld

Ok I've got the ironing to go and do now - damn inconsequential housework. When I win the lottery on Friday I'll hire a maid!

Lisa :-)

Lindsay said...

Id like to read blog posts about;

Flea Circuses
Blackpool Local (nutty) Characters
Purple prose
Ancient poetry
Non-existent job prospects for writing graduates.

Those may just be just me though.

Colin Davies said...

Just a few suggestions...

Not with one hand.
How many apples?
Is this a question?
Eats, shoots and leaves.
And then, from out of nowhere...
F***, Marry, Kill
If you only had 30 day to live
Not again

Ashley R Lister said...

Thanks for those guys - some of those look daunting. Most, I suspect, will be fun.

Lindsay - I left the job prospects one in there. I can't wait to see how that's tackled ;-)


vicky ellis said...

:-D great suggestions! Personal fave = flea circuses.

Standard said...

Thanks for covering Ash. I am about to have a Dominos and Fosters breakfast after moving house since 7.30am. My personal fave of the above is Blackpool nutty characters. I still have no idea where to put all these books though - moving from a 2 bedroom flat to a houseshare is seriously going to impact upon my personal library!

Ashley R Lister said...

Vicky - you know that with flea circuses I'll be posting pictures of the dogs, don't you?

Standard - I know that moving can be harrowing. The absence of a personal library must be devastating.

Enjoy your dominos.