Sunday, 6 October 2013

Blackpool Illuminations: A Visitor Appeal

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A Visitor Appeal

Have you been to the Illuminations?
There's apparently some in Walsall
The Blackpool of the Midlands- houses falling apart
Is it fair to compare? Not at all. 

But the world famous Wurlitzer organ
Have you heard one of those played before
We've a fine specimen, even Brucie has seen
Come and dance on the Tower's sprung floor.

You look like you might need a chuckle
Try the comedy carpet for size
We've no handprints of stars but there's jokes over ours
Guaranteed to bring joy to your lives

Whilst you're here, take a ride on the Big One
See the lions and tigers at' zoo
There's so much to be done, we can promise you fun
With all this, you'll find something to do. 

So I ask again, have you seen t'lumies
Stretching out from Starr Gate seven miles
You could drive, take a tram, spend some time with your gran
but just come, bring your money with you. 

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vicky ellis said...

This has been an advertisement on behalf of Visit Blackpool ;)

Great poem.

Ashley R Lister said...

Love it.