Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Snog, Marry, Avoid, Flush Head Down Loo etc etc.

16:18:00 Posted by Lindsay 3 comments
Gah I hate his game, bah humbug. No room for nuances. Well here goes;

Snog - It's a secret. No I'm not telling. It's a whole package thing for me so somehow so someone I find attractive, who makes me giggle (not easy with my twisted sense of humour) and is intelligent seems to do it for me.

Marry - Just at the tail end of a long drawn out divorce, can't see that happening again. Had the full church thing, meringue, flowers and church. Pain in the arse in-laws showing you up. The usual fayre. *shudder. To be fair I'm sure it works for some but this cynic can't see it happening again somehow.

Avoid - Anyone who sets of my finely tuned looper radar. The ex managed to bypass that somehow though. It's usually pretty reliable though, and then I run, like a victim from the chainsaw scene in American Psycho. This applies to men and women alike.

Shall I add a few more?

Hit in the face with a shovel - David Cameron. Easy one but needs to be done at some point. I volunteer.

Buy a nice present - All of my good friends who have supported me this year. Thankyou.

Undress and stick to the top of Blackpool Tower - Our local MP Paul Maynard who keeps ignoring his constituents.

Have a nice brew and a slice of cake with - Everyone tonight at the next Lancashire Dead Good Poets event at the Number 5 with special guest poet Tony Walsh. Hope you can make it. It's FREE, go on.


Colin Davies said...

I see what you did there


Ashley R Lister said...

Our local MP doesn't ignore constituents. Not when they agree with him.

Buy two shovels. :-)


vicky ellis said...

I think B&Q are going to have a run on shovels...