Sunday, 22 December 2013

One Christmas Poem

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Good evening all, 

This week we've been looking at numbers and feeling all festive. Not all of you? Well I have. Yesterday I rewrote the twelve days of Christmas with Lara (available on the DGPS facebook wall I think) and today, in the same- ooh, I'll make a poem mindset- I've created another one for you all. I feel it is equally cynical, as all Christmas poems should be so without further adieu, here it is. 

Christmas Poem #2

Whilst bankers guard their pots by night
all brimming full of gold
The rest of us are set to watch
on telly, in the cold.

For times like these have been a squeeze
both up and down the land
I don't suppose that Davey knows
He's been out to Helmand.

In quick like Santa, he whistlestopped
and gave a half arsed speech
Something about the job being done
no 'fight them on the beach'!

But jobs are up the figures say
look at this aggregate
Erm, Davey boy, there's more people
your sack is full of shit. 

So this Christmas I'd like to ask
just like the one before
If Cameron, dressed as fat St Nick
would stop by my front door.

I'll help him with his list for coal
add on a million more
I'm sure there'll be no greater gift
than Dave helping the poor.

Thanks for reading, and merry Christmas to you all. 




Ashley R Lister said...

I agree entirely. The sooner we're rid of these clowns, the sooner this country can start to heal.

NB - this one is nearly as good as your poem from last night ;-)