Sunday, 26 January 2014

Blackpool: Home of Legends

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A Blackpool Caricature

If you should venture out to Blackpool, you'll not be alone
There's stars a plenty- then and now- that have made this place their own
We've hosted shows fit for the Queen, held conferences of men
We've born more than our share of heroes and we're doing it again
This is the home of entertainment- Las Vegas of the North
Release your inner self's constraints on our miles of sandy shores
Be the next Charlie Cairoli, be a Peter Kay
Do your take on old George Formby on your summer holiday
Return and play an entire season- be Joey Blower, Chubby Brown
Here is a place where fun is the reason- a bustling seaside town
A town that's played host to the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Judas Priest
In the place that made the Stone Roses famous, take a stroll along the beach.
Be Little Boots, be a Pet Shop Boy, be the Nolan family
Be Jimmy Armfield, England captain- score a hat trick like Morty at Wembley
Build a dynasty like Owen Oyston or Basil Newby, MBE. 
Be Shelley Woods breaking physical boundaries, let your dreams take flight like Amy Johnson
Build a pleasure palace like the Thompsons and spin till you want to get off.
This is Blackpool, the laughter industry beacon- forget Edinburgh with its two weeks of season
We're better, we're bigger and we're bloody not beaten and so if we are going to exist
How does your name fit onto this list?

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Lindsay said...

great post Shaun :)

Colin Davies said...

Quite a rousing piece there Shaun.

Corking post.

Ashley R Lister said...

Lovely piece. How does my name fit on the list? I think I'm squeezed somewhere between Boots and the Pet shop :-)