Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Sound of Silence.

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Good afternoon readers.
This week, we've been looking at the theme 'what really gets my goat'. Silencing. That gets my back up.
It has been alleged that my last post was libelous. It wasn't. It merely made reference to a member of the SU (mistakenly mentioned previously as an NUS representative) at the college and the inappropriate way in which the society has been outcast from the college. Given that there are still mentions of the group and their activities all over the college's website- including as a special selling point for the BA English courses, I feel that we have at least a right to react.
Over several years many members, myself included, have fought to steer this group in the right direction and, whilst I accept that my blog this morning may have been a little vicious, I am prepared to offer a redaction. So here it is, I am sorry if I ruined your day. I trust that any tears involved have signified the strength of emotion that can run within a poetry group. I trust you'll also know that the person crying today is only the latest in a string of casualties.
This group was formed with the intention of strengthening the writing and the outlook for the students sitting the BA English courses at the college at a time when poetry was a significant part of a portfolio. Since those classroom days we have been resident at three different coffee shops and toured to several different out of town events. We have always set out to be inclusive and we have always allowed opinions to be expressed. If my blog this morning is viewed in any way contradictory to that intention, I offer my full apologies.
I do feel though that the points made in the initial, removed post, were in need of saying. I have spent the last week filled with all the vitriol that comes in seeing someone's project being taken from their hands- or rather, being forced to give it up. 
Consider for a second that there are writers involved in this blog for whom a great pride has been taken in being affiliated with the college. They have been proud to represent the views of students and proud to win awards under that guise. In the turmoil that has ensued since we have been un-affiliated, I can no longer feel any of that pride- nor would I recommend the college as a place for growth and independent thought as I once would have. If I've ruffled feathers in the process here then great, I believe that to be a writers job. Enjoy the new poem then, I trust you'll find it fully compliant.


The Sound of Silence
There are words that are stirring inside of me
Words filled with passion and hate
Words that bring shame on societies
But not about college, they're great.

There are words that are stirring inside of me
Words that quite frankly are vile
Words that hurt feelings and leave people reeling
Words stuck in my throat a long while

There are words that are stirring inside of me
Words that burn anger and pain
Words that it's felt are too rich to be posted
Words that bring shame to your name

But these words bring the truth from inside of me
They show me I'm up for the fight
So if you've been hushed up, don't curl up with a book
I will see you in town Friday night.