Sunday, 20 April 2014

A Voyage of Discovery

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Good afternoon readers, and happy Easter to all of you.

This week, on my voyage of discovery, I saw an article on The Guardian online about the British Pathe archive coming available online.

Having visited the excellent Manchester Museum with Lara last week, I have already found plenty of inspiration for a poem I'm now working on redrafting. I found the whole place fascinating with all the nooks and crannies filled of wonderful old things- and I mean stuffed.

I've long been a believer that the internet is just as full of treasure troves but, admittedly, find myself on the same seven or eight sites all of the time. So, as it isn't actually one I frequent too often and the kids at school rave on about it, I've decided that this Pathe archive going up on YouTube must have some creative inspiration in it.

It seems it is a pathway to a by-gone era. A chance to see from the comfort of your armchair what life was like in the the early part of the last century, without having to sit through the dodgy sky channels and adverts.

It can consume hours of your time just the same though, so I've picked out five videos that may just be that kick of inspiration you were looking for today. Hope you enjoy.

With Eve At Blackpool (1926)

10,000 Guides and Scouts... (1930)

1890s Traffic Scenes

New Paint for Blackpool Tower (1926)

The Champions (1931)

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