Monday, 30 June 2014

Cafe Nostalgia

Cafe Nostalgia

It’s just another Sunday morning in Southport, 
Carpe Diem is what I was taught, 
I’m rolling solo in the Uni-qlo polo,
Café Nostalgia on Lord Street, 
Time to catch up on what happened in the week, 
Sun is shining so I got on my shades, 
Pencil line beard with the blended fade, 
Waitress serves me like Wimbledon, 
She got me drooling like a Simpleton,
You look so good in this venue, 
So I ordered something off the menu, 
A Tuna Melt with a dash of mayo,
Washed down with a double shot of espresso, 
A few seats away, sat this blonde with the Caramel Latte, 
I dropped my shades and had a little glance, 
She was eating that bread that comes from France, 
She was at alone and the table was for two, 
So I looked at myself and thought what to do, 
I learnt in a film called we bought a zoo, 
All you need is 20 seconds of insane bravery, 
And something beautiful will happen trust me,
So I made my move, stepped to her like I was in the groove, 
Would you mind if I join you, coz in this area I’m kind of new
In the shop it was just us two, 
She was dressed in a pair of converse, and slim fit jeans, 
Long sleeved crop top showing off her tummy if you know what I mean, 
Slim trim abs got that appeal, kind of girl that would go halves on the bill,
I asked her if she wanted another round, 
Because the last shot I just downed, 
She truly obliged, another caramel latte is what she replied, 
I ordered a hot chocolate and a slice of cheese cake, 
After all last impressions is what I’m trying to make, 
Discussion was minimal, kept it on point like a decimal, 
For once I chose to listen rather than interrupt, 
I got a habit of butting in and sounding abrupt, 
Breakfast turned to Lunch, 
Shop started getting busy as people formed a queue, 
And that was my cue to leave, so we agreed, 
It was nice meeting you some nice downtime,
It would be good to do this again sometime 
I began to fidget, as I asked her for the digits, 
It started with 07, as I got all 11, 
See it all started it with a latte, 
And that’s the story of a blonde in the café,

Abdulicious 2014

Refreshment is the theme of the week and I found this refreshing to write to be honest. If you're not aware of my style of writing, well it's Street & Sweet. Since moving to Southport I have had to make things interesting for myself. I love spending Sundays visiting tea rooms and coffee shops. I like to visit shops that have a funky name. This time I visited Nostalgia Tea Rooms on Lord Street, a classic layout, as I am fairly new to the area I have to make new friends myself. 

The waitress was cute I must admit but it's Sunday morning, you have to take the time and place into consideration, I cant just start hitting on her straight away. I made light conversation with her and ordered a tuna melt and some espresso. Got talking to her about how small Southport is and coming from a city like London it is something that takes a while to get used to. So I sat down and started reading the paper for a while. 

It was a quiet morning. I was the only guy in the shop until this eloquent blonde walked in. I gave it 15 minutes and thought to myself, I am sat here alone and she is the only other person in the shop on a Sunday morning. It’s quite refreshing talking to someone who does not have a hangover on a Sunday morning. And that’s how the poem came about. 

It takes guts walking over to a total stranger and making conversation but nothing ventured the nothing gained. My focus from July is to meet new people I have been here since April and I have realised friendship is something you have to make it does not come just like that. 

Until next week have a good week ahead. A refreshing drink with a refreshing girl is not a bad way to end the week.



An impulsive berk said...

I wish I had your courage! Great poem and I love the story that accompanies it :)

Abdulicious said...

Its not easy I am pretty sure you would of done the same had you been in my shoes. Glad you like the poem.

Shaun Brookes said...

Quality street poem pal. Like it :)