Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Leaving Timmy down the well

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Something Refreshing

Sitting sassy, make mine a lassi
Pass it fast, let it splash
Alabaster flash
Cat laps, getting fat
She's a terrible waitress

Inspired by Abdul's storytelling rhymes, I thought I'd write a little ditty and take the week's theme ever so literally.  It's all square windows from here on in (with grubby fingerprints on the glass). 

This week I have been taking my drinks cold, particularly tea.  As it hots up, I distract myself at work by finding new ways to quency my thirst.  So green tea, peppermint tea and licorice tea have all been made with a very small amount of hot water then topped up with ice cold water from the dispenser.  I think I find them more palatable that way.  The flavour seems more delicate when the tea is cold.

Yesterday, I inadvertently discovered lassi.  While ordering online from the takeaway, I clicked on the lassi to find out what it was.  I know I'm a lassi but didn't realise there was an edible version of the gentler (the greatest misnomer ever coined) sex.  Lassi is, I discovered, yoghurt and milk mixed together with optional flavouring.  So it's a smoothie.  Sort of.  I know this because I ordered it by accident while trying to find out what it was.  I found it delicious, Raven said it was disgusting, and I bought yoghurt today with the intention of drinking more of the stuff.  I expect to gain about 2 stone per month. 

This makes me realise that I had always focused on the 'fresh' part of 'refreshment' - as if refreshments were something light and airy, like dew or a gentle breeze.  Refreshment does, in fact include everything from caramel latte to deep fried Mars Bars. 

To recap:

Fresh: something new, different or recently created
Refresh: to reinvigorate, to renew or update
Refreshment: a light snack or drink, or to give fresh energy

I assume everyone else has these muddled definitions in their heads and it's not a(nother) sign of senility.  Someone tell me it's an integral part of poetics and not early onset Alzheimer's.  No, really.  I've drunk a lot of lassi.  And I'm not sure whether to call the RSPCA.