Saturday, 6 December 2014

Worlds - We Are Not Alone!

Today's bleak blog is coming at you through the interstices between this world, formerly Great Britain CE 2014 [latter days of] and one of its contiguous, contingent alterealities, Grey Britain, where the ashen agents of a sterile future are swarming diligently over our every aspiration......

Who are the shadows of grey
that sift in and out of the pillars of grey
in clouds of cold and loneliness?
Why is there hardness in their eyes
and hatred in their voices?
They move so gloomily,
they talk so forcedly,
they love so selfishly.
Stars no longer thrill the heart,
nor moon provokes a lover’s song.
The bird of loudest lay is still
and we,
but a distant memory
in the torn mind
of a tired god.
Collars are pulled up
on rainswept streets
and cars hiss fast through the night
and on into the day
and on into the night
as bells ring,
cogs turn
and machines grind out a theme
all grating and steely-cold in progression.
Grey shadows
among grey pillars,
they mutter dirges of depression
and suppression.
So the wasteland grows
and spectres show themselves
at every turn.
Of course, we don't have let them through! We are all poets, we all have the power. The word is love.

Thanks for reading and have a good week. S


Anonymous said...

There are many shades of Grey too!