Friday, 5 December 2014

Worlds apart?

I despair sometimes, I really do. Watching the news, I see all the terrible things going on on this little speck of a planet and wonder why we do it to ourselves? All the pain, all the fighting - Why? Have we not learnt yet from millions of years of existence on our world, that greed, war, discrimination, disrespect, intolerance, lead nowhere? Purely leaving us to continuously carry on the merry-go-round of negativity, never evolving into something better. Every single person on this earth is capable of respect, tolerance, fairness and forgiveness. We all need to embrace it more. In a daft way, I think that's why I think the late Gene Roddenberry had the right idea when he wrote Star Trek. Fair enough, in the series, we had sorted out all of the negative things on our own planet, but venturing out into space we encountered many new species from other worlds that hadn't got that far. The challenge was to see if we could make them see things from a new perspective whilst still trying to respect their different ways. The journey would almost certainly continue forever.

So, yes, I may be an idealist, but I am still the same as you. That's the message I have tried to get across in this weeks poem below.

Worlds apart - yet the same ... :

In a world where we have famine, 
war, disease and poverty too,
where we discriminate against one another,
by race, gender, sexuality, religion (they're just a few),
Is it not fair to say that we are doomed to repeat
histories most heinous acts if we do not alter 
our minds, perceptions, cultures and ways
or every time we will stumble and falter?
It is not big or clever to make someone feel
inferior or worthless in any way, 
whatever the so called reason
if you can't say something nice, then you have nothing to say.
Realise that you are not always right
Show some respect if you want it in return,
observe that other cultures have different traditions and ways,
whether you agree with it or not, it's not your concern.
Instead of dividing ourselves into separate mini worlds
by religion, straight or gay, or wherever our living space,
we all need to understand that while we're all different

Thanks for reading my ideological waffle. ;-) x

P.S. Don't forget that it's the Lancashire Dead Good Poets' Open Mic Night tonight!!! We'll be meeting at our new venue - The Moo Bar, Queen St, Blackpool from 6pm onwards, for a night of what will no doubt bring some mooooooving poetry. ;-) If you prefer to sit and listen instead of getting up reading and performing, then you're still more than welcome. The more the merrier!! The theme (which is NOT compulsory to stick to) is "celebrations". Hopefully see you there!