Saturday, 23 May 2015

Something Changed

I’m not known for being frivolous, me (note colloquial use of trailing pronoun adopted since my northward shift), but the last few weeks have been intense for a number of reasons – election campaign and rum doings at Bloomfield Road among them – so, as a distraction, I suggested having some fun with a Mash-Up Literary Classics thread on Facebook.  Put together parts of the names of two or more well-known books to come up with a new title… voila, something changed: classics metamorphosed into intriguing, amusing, irreverent and/or enticing new literary possibilities. 

It kicked off with Tess of the Baskervilles and took a while to catch on, but eventually yielded some belters before finding a level of sorts with a plethora of very puerile/puellile (but highly amusing) titles featuring the words Dick or Fanny! The thread is still out there somewhere if you’re interested.
Here are a few of my favourites:
- The Catcher of Peckham Rye
- Charlie and the Wasp Factory
- Slaugherhouse Farm
- The Outsider with Rosie
- When Hitler Stole Pink Dick
- The Girl with the Very Hungry Caterpillar Tattoo 

On a more serious note, little enough has actually changed in the last few weeks; or not changed for the better. We’re landed with Mr Cameron and his cronies for five more years, unrestrained by any ameliorating influence the LibDems managed to bring to bear in the last parliament. Blackpool FC once again has no manager, hardly any players and is relegated from the Championship but still has the obstinate Oystons at the controls. I’m still waiting to be given the all clear to drive again after my recent brush with mortality. 

However – and there always has to be however – summer is coming to warm our bones and brighten our spirits, starting (I hope) with an atypically warm and dry May bank holiday week-end. Change is in the air...


This week's short poem tries to pin down that moment when something/everything changes forever.
At a still small point
between ignorance and bliss,
something changed…
atoms re-arranged,
a cosmic combination clicking into place
to unlock such graceful possibilities
as tilt a world
into orbits new and strange.

Thanks for reading. Have a good week, S ;-)


Anonymous said...

Can't find the thread. What other titles?

Steve Rowland said...

Ha ha... a few more (from memory):
- The Picture of Agnes Grey
- The Unbearable Lightness of Being Earnest
- One Flew Over Gravity's Rainbow
- To The Devil A Dick
- The Haunting of Fanny Hill