Tuesday, 26 May 2015


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This week's title of "Open" seemed a bit awkward at first, but then I started to think more deeply. Open, such a little word with many connotations. We open boxes, windows,books, zips, bank accounts etc. Have a grand opening of buildings,garden shows and the like. We have Open university, open house, open minds, open meetings...the list goes on ! Our faces can have an open expression, we open our arms to greet friends. The dentist say " open wider", a shop can be open, a pub has opening hours. Police refer to an open and close case, golfers talk about " The Open"....the list goes further. It's no wonder that the English language is so baffling to learn !
  So for today's submission I have two pieces....

Open the door , just a crack, take a little look.
Open the pages, one by one, of a little book.
Open a false bank account, be a little crook.
Open my mind to new ideas, train to be a cook.

Shall I open my heart to you
or will you reject me and turn away?
Shall I open my arms to you
or will you shun me and go on your way ?
Shall I open my eyes to you
or will you be gone for ever and a day ?
Will I open my door to you
or will you not be there and I am fay ?
Shall I open my mind to your love
or will you desert me and go astray ?
I'll keep a tight closed heart,
My arms crossed over my chest,
My eyes focussed on the future,
My door firmly shut
And  my mind set !
I shall not open up for you!
You must earn your way to my love!