Friday, 5 June 2015

A fairytale childhood shattered ....

It's always nice to think that the possibilities are endless, isn't it? That's why, as a child, I loved utilising my imagination to its fullest, taking myself on journeys and adventures encountering all manner of creatures and beasts, including Dragons. Which is why I would like you to think back to when you were 5 or 6 for a moment. What did you believe in back then? Fairies, Dragons, Ogres, Goblins, Trolls, Giants and Unicorns? The list goes on! Well, then you can probably understand my resentment of the C of E church for playing its part in taking a small part of that away from me. Popping a kids bubble just isn't nice!

Picture the scene; a child who attends a C of E Infant School sits down with the other children for assembly and as per usual, a hymn is sung. However, this is a new one that this child has never heard before, entitled "When a Knight won his spurs". The child, who loves to sing, thinks that this song sounds exciting and can't wait to join in, but .... as the song progresses the lyrics, in one easy, shattering moment, manage to destroy her belief in Giants, Dragons and Ogres. Gee thanks! Actually, I should (not) be thanking Jan Struther who wrote it in order for it to appear in the Songs of Praise Hymn Book in 1931.

Here is a link to the Hymn if you don't know it:

So, as a cheeky little get back, I thought I would share this:

Allan Ahlberg version.

When a knight won his spurs in the stories of old,
He was – ‘Face the front, David Briggs, what have you been told?’
With a shield on his arm and a lance in his – ‘Hey! 
Is that a ball I can see? Put – it – a – way.’

No charger have I and – ‘No talking back there.
You’re supposed to be singing, not combing your hair.’
Though back into storyland Giants have – ‘Roy, 
this isn’t the playground, stop pushing that boy!’

Let faith be my shield and – ‘Who’s eating sweets here?
I’m ashamed of you Marion, it’s not like you dear.’
And let me set free with – ‘Please stop that Paul King.
This is no place for whistlers, we’d rather you sing!’

Anyway, if you have this evening free, why not come and join us at the Moo Bar on Queen Street in Blackpool from 6pm for our Open Mic night. You can come along and read, or just sit back and relax and listen to others having a go. There's no theme this evening, so bring any poem you may have written and let us hear it! Other than that, have a great weekend and thanks for reading! ;-) x.