Friday, 12 June 2015

Making Waves

I'm not normally a confrontational kind of person. Once in a blue moon however, I do tend to "go off on one" and inevitably, it results in a reaction of total amazement, which at the time only adds to the fury that I'm trying to vent. Not a good thing really. This is the only way I seem to make waves. Quite boring eh?

However ..... They do say that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction don't they? In a "Butterfly Effect" kind of way .....

The actions of other people are the usual trigger for me to "lose my rag", and last week was no exception. Someone else "made waves" causing "after ripples". Imagine being in a shop with your 7 year old son and making your way towards the checkout when the man being served decides to rob the cashier as she opens the till. The realisation that I needed to make sure we stayed safe played quickly through my mind, but it all happened so quickly, it was over before I knew it and thankfully he didn't use a weapon. It resulted of course in a flurry of emotions; primarily shock, not only for the poor members of staff, but the onlookers too, alongside anger (that he'd put people in fear of safety/danger), fear itself and futility/frustration (that I couldn't see what he looked like as I was behind him). It's the anger that still remains though.


You thieving piece of scum!
How DARE you?!!
You PATHETIC and COWARDLY piece of S#*t!
You took that which wasn't yours
for your own greed and satisfaction.
In doing so, 
you did something 
which isn't big
or clever.
In fact,
all it does is to evoke
feelings of disgust,
venomous anger 
and a burning desire 
to hurt you.
And I mean REALLY hurt you.
Would YOU like it
if the people you loved
more than ANYTHING 
in this whole UNIVERSE
were threatened
or put in fear of their personal safety?
How would YOU feel?
There is NO such thing 
as a victimless crime!
You may think that all you've done
is to deprive a large company
of some of their profits,
but in robbing that store
you created a wave
of events
resulting in injury,
trauma, shock
and ANGER.
It's a dangerous emotion 
that last one,
especially when coupled
with a Mothers love!
Never not EVER 
underestimate it!

Ok. Calming down now. Feel a little better now I've got that off my chest! Thanks for reading! ;-) x


Adele said...

A Mother's love. Oh yeh! There is no force in the cosmos that come close!

Ian Gibson said...

Hope you're both okay, Lou xxxxxx