Tuesday, 28 July 2015


   Object - - this week's title. Phew ! Another of those English words with multiple meanings ! Depends where you place the emphasis or in which context the word is used.
    I've come up with a list of the uses for the word ( maybe it's not complete  ! )
             1 - to object ...to oppose or disagree.
             2 - an object ...an item.
             3 -  a material thing or person that is perceived to be the 'centre' of desire or ridicule.
             4 - object ...in grammar - a noun assisted by a verb.( I find this the most complicated ! )
             5 - object lesson...a salutory instruction.
             6 - the object - the aim.

And so I have not got a poem today , but instead have written a very short piece to illustrate the uses of the word  "Object"  and do hope that somewhere in there is number 4 !                                                                

" I object ! The object that she has bought was too expensive, when the object of the competition was to spend £10 or less. Well, I've learned an object lesson here and will not be perceived as an object of ridicule because of it ! "