Sunday, 20 December 2015

In the Frame

To be “In the frame” is to be in contention. Your still have a chance of being in the picture. You’re very much in the thoughts of those who are looking, as opposed to those who linger outside of the frame, no longer visible and soon to be forgotten.

I like to keep all my ideas in a happy village where they all sing and dance together. Every so often I ask them to line up and group themselves together in loose but definably connected groups. I then move across my “Frame of reference” and see which ideas fit. This way, though some ideas are in the frame, those that aren’t are never forgotten.

The Frame

Please look at me
See me here
I want to be your chosen one
Your hero
I know I'm not worth as much
As some of the others
But here I am
Now that all the others are gone
Only 6 of us remain
You look at me first
I am in the frame
Then I'm in the pocket
And the other 5 do fall
But I'm happy to have been part
Of your maximum brake

Colin Davies