Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Generation Gap

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This week's title set me thinking on a subject that I haven't given much thought to. Most probably because I have few links with younger people. I don't have grandchildren, my son lives down south and has a busy, demanding job and all my interests involve persons of my own age or older.                

However, a few days ago I commented on a post on Facebook ...this being a video of the Flying Scotsman ( there's a coincidence!) and I happened to say that I travelled on it in the 1950's .  A 'friend' ,who I often talk to, replied that he wasn't even born then! Now I did know that he was younger than myself, but because we had a common interest in hillwalking this had ' dulled ' my realisation of the generation gap.

My ballroom dancing partner is more than 20 years my senior ...this is a generation gap too. Yet again because we share a common interest, then this 'gap' is invisible in our eyes. We do however, talk a lot and surprisingly find a great deal in common. We have both travelled extensively in Scotland...even in the same years...me as a child and he as a Dad with his family. Therefore we have similar experiences. However, I was a child of the 60's with more liberal views, whilst he had been a responsible, working, family man . My taste in music is so much different to his..although again I have a link to his older tastes that I acquired from my own music loving father. We swop stories ...he has the start of Alzheimer's and very often repeats his tales: however I never say so because if the story is so worthy of remembrance then it must have made an excellent impression in the first place! This also means that I can repeat my best remembered stories too...as he can't remember that I've told them before!

I am sure that if I were suddenly ' plunged ' into a group of much younger people then I'd feel a bit awkward and might be very aware of the 'generation gap'.

I don't seem to have piece to include for this week's blog...I appear to have a 'gap' ...........

Kath Curtiss