Thursday, 10 November 2016

Volcano - The Ultimate Leveller.

Would you be surprised to learn that there are over 50 active volcanoes on Earth and that several of them have erupted this month?  The United States Geological Survey (USGS) monitor all active volcanic activity and produce reports in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute. For those interested. Here is a link to their web site

My research this week has been brief but has generated interesting results.  I believe most of you know that a volcano is formed when the molten magma that makes up 90% of the matter beneath the Earth's rocky, outer crust pushes upwards and the pressure finds a weak spot.  The effects of a volcano can be devastating.  I lived in Tenerife and saw Mt Teide up close and personal but I also took my kids to Pompeii to see the devastation wrought by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD.

Vesuvius was quite insignificant when compared to many other historic eruptions.  Here is the top ten in eruptive power and destruction; 

10. Huaynaputina (1600) A Peruvian eruption that caused mud-flows into The Pacific Ocean.  Temperatures fell to lowest in 500 years. 

9. Krakatoa (1883) Indonesian island completely destroyed by eruption.  It caused a tsunami that killed over 36,000. 

8. Santa Maria (1902) This Guatemalan volcano had been dormant for over 500 years.  It was one of the largest explosions ever recorded on Earth.  5,000 people were killed.
7. Novarupta (1912) This Alaskan eruption was the most voluminous of the  20th century.
3 cubic miles of ash and magma was ejected.  It covered an area of 3,000 square miles at levels up to a foot.  

6. Mount Pinatubo (1991) The Phillipines volano sent a 22 mile high column of ash into the stratosphere. 

5. Ambryn Island (50 AD) A volcanic island in Vanuatu. It erupted forming a caldera that holds a lake of larva. It has erupted over 50 times since 1774. 

4. Ilopango (450 AD) The San Salvador eruption is believed to have caused a dust cloud that covered over 10,000 square miles with a thik carpet of ash and pumice.  This devastated Mayan civilization and it may have caused the global cooling event recorded in AD 536. 

3. Mt Thera (1610 BC) The eruption on the Island of Santorini  had the explosive power of over 100 atomic bombs.  It is believed to have decimated Minoan civilisation. 

2. Changbaishan (1000) On the border of China and Korea.  Ejected an ash cloud that spread to Japan. 

1.   Mt Tambora (1815) Indonesian eruption was the largest recorded explosion in history. The explosion was heard on Sumatra, more than 2,000 km (1,200 mi) away.  

So after that information overload, I am sure that you all understand, that the Earth has a way of levelling everything that we humans have ever tried to build, establish or control.  My further reading tells me that there is a super volcano under Yellowstone National Park that erupts approximately every 6 millennia. The next event was expected to be in around 75 years but (unofficial) sources say that areas of the park have been closed to the public because of volcanic gas emissions and unusually high temperatures in a lake.  I read that Bison and Elk have recently quit the park.  One can only hope that a gas cloud makes an entrance when the recently elected President has an official visit. I jest of course…
The bigger they come... 
When he sees himself this big, 
man builds himself a tower
to reflect his sexual prowess,
feed his Narcissistic urge,
to elevate his dynasty
and please his ego surge.

There have been many like him,
history knows their names,
all of them were humbled,
when the people rumbled
all their cheating games.

They serve themselves,
they help themselves,
they think no one will notice
below the ground,
behind the scenes, 
trouble starts to bubble,
building up pressure,
measure by measure,
in the footings 
of an empire
constructed on corruption. 
Wait for it...
Wait for it...
can you detect,
what I suspect
are toxic emissions?

I think this pumped up,
trumped up mass
is going to blow.  

Thanks for reading. Don't have nightmares.  Adele


Unknown said...

I presume you know what "trump" means in Yorkshire? It's an expulsion of intestinal gas.....

Adele said...

Yes thanks for that! Better out than in then - unfortunately for the U.S