Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Clerihews - Just For Laughs

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With thanks to Edmund Clerihew Bentley for this form of light-hearted poetry. I hope my efforts here raise a smile. They may not stick exactly to his rules, but who cares? I had fun writing them and I’m happy to share them.

Remember Chuck Berry,
Sing and be merry,
Salute him as you know you should
By dancing all night to Johnny B Good.

Wordsmith James Joyce
An ‘A’ Level choice,
Dubliners short stories a welcome break
From my un-understanding of Ulysees or Finnegan’s Wake.

     Who’s got it in for Ken Barlow?
Do the writers even know?
I’ve followed Corrie for years on end
But this nonsense drives me round the bend.

Head girl, Theresa May
Always has a lot to say
And wears heavy jewellery round her neck
Like she’s weighed down by Tory policy, oh ‘eck.

Oh the talented Georgie Best,
He was oodles better than all the rest.
What a magician commanding the ball.
In a short career, he had it all.

Centre Court with Andy Murray
Confident stride well-timed, no hurry
On top of his game, his well-earned place
First serve in, a perfect ace.

Give me the work of Dr John Cooper Clarke,
The Bard of Salford from Higher Broughton Park.
He’s witty and clever and I just love all that
When I’m laughing out loud at the poem called ‘Twat’.

That darling, Robert Peston,
Has he got a vest on?
If I were single, there is no doubt
I’d make it my business to find out.

Thanks for reading. Keep smiling, Pam x


Steve Rowland said...

Bravo Pam. I particularly like the Robert Peston one... and I suspect you do too ;-)