Monday, 17 October 2011

Still but Stardust.

Morning all. The theme this week is 'The 1980s' which initially posed a problem for me.

I'm 25. I'm 25 and a quarter actually, give or take a week. I was born in 1986 and so, putting the initial horror thought aside, I must have been created some time around now. I decided that whilst this was a slightly worrying concept to run with for a piece of writing, it could lead on to something and so, I took Tuesday's blogger, the lovely Lara out for a bit of a drive.

Ponder, ponder, ponder then click- it dropped in. I wanted to reflect us- then. Before I was a thought, before the cogs had begun to turn on my own life, the period in the mid-80s when my parents must have been dating. Anyway, I've written it straight in to my notebook (which I have finally started to fill with poems) so will probably be reading it at an event sometime. Once again, it has been a pleasure, I hope you like it.

Still but Stardust.

Was it a night like this
A night somewhere deep in the mid 1980s
The stars as bright as Blackpool lights
to mark, there, the moment.

I imagine myself- shaggy hair,
jumper just like in the photo,
falling in love. I wonder- to look
through the window of time, if it was

like this. On one night
just like this.

Catch you next week,


Ashley R Lister said...


I knew the numbers in this one would appeal to you :-) Anyone who describes themselves as '25 and a quarter' has to be considered number-obsessed :-)

Love the poem.


vicky ellis said...

Deep in the mid 1980s :)

Looking forward to hearing it in November.

Ste said...

Loved this