Friday, 4 November 2011


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Catharsis. Phonetically it contains the word ‘arses’. That sums up my outlet really, humour. The direr the circumstance, the funnier I’ll find something, if it’s my own pain or discomfort. I find laughing at others’ misfortunes incredibly distasteful, but my own are fair game. Apart from people falling over and practical jokes, I’m only human after all. Gallows humour and black humour have been around for centuries, and I find them cathartic. It’s not unusual to find me laughing when I should be crying. I’ve not much else to say about it all really. I like to write occasionally, but I find myself going for a laugh rather than crafting deep meaningful prose or poetry. I enjoy drawing and painting, but laughter will always be the true release.
Here's someone who does black comedy far better than I;


Ashley R Lister said...


I was in danger of losing a day over at the link you posted. There's some hilarious artwork there.

And I agree with the sentiment about catharsis. - as you'll probably see tomorrow.


vicky ellis said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! :D That fish is a lady and she has many pairs of balls! :D That is bloody hilarious :)

That fact just blew my mind and restored my faith in life at the same time. Yay :)

Thank you Lindsay xxx

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