Friday, 3 February 2012

Desert Islands? Really? Who came up with that one?

13:47:00 Posted by Lindsay 1 comment

 I sometimes would quite like to live on a desert island actually. Think about it, no more politics, no more facebook. No more worrying about the bills. No more listen to people MOAN. No more irritating arseholes with judgemental opinions. No more nightmare family members. No more adverts for ‘Go Compare’. No more Jedward. No more Arsing on Ice. No more people wanting to talk to me about what happened to a character in a fecking soap opera I don’t watch. No more religion. No Cbeebies.

Of course there would be things I’d miss, like hiding Clive’s walking stick, and the NHS. My kids when they aren’t using toys as an arsenal. Tea. Having food.  But I think it would be well worth it. I’d get a fair bit of quiet for a change.

OR I could just send all those things I hate to a desert island instead, and bomb it. Yes, I think that would be the best option all round. Now where’s that stick?


Ashley R Lister said...

Being away from the Go Compare adverts would be worth the absence of food.