Monday, 19 March 2012

A Mars a day.

For those of you that know, I have been getting some school days in as a Cover Supervisor lately. This is relevant to the blog for one reason and one reason alone, we’re running with ‘God of War’ for the theme.
Straight off then, I was drawn to Wikipedia and a never ending list of war gods. There are a lot of gods attributed to war, let me tell you. I get Monday though, so I’m starting with the easy one- Mars.
Being into the gods was always something I liked to think I was as a kid. I knew more than most year 5 kids at any given point on the subject of Egypt. I knew a hell of a lot about the Greeks for a long time thanks to an unhealthy obsession with a Theseus and the Minotaur VHS in the library. The Romans though, I never really was big on. It might be something to do with my year 4 teacher being off all year. Long term absence maybe, I should have known all about the Romans though.
I was of a ‘Mars a day’ generation. We got greedy over hyped up football boots and Pepsi Max. A chocolate bar was a reasonable price, as were decent comics and so, it was all pretty simple. We went to school, we learnt about something from a teacher and then we played out. I would say anyone of my age or above will relate to this general routine.
Something changed a few years after that. We became bombarded with ever-faster games consoles, we all got hooked up to the internet and, in the process of all of this, somehow learnt how to perform basic functions with an emphasis on speed and not thought. I think this perhaps is the reason why society is becoming such a negative place.
Now and again, we get people so intolerant of others, so misinformed or simply so volatile that they just pick the fights. For these people, they aren’t having the chocolate bar every day- they aren’t resting or playing half of the time either though. They have opted to have a rage.
It feels good to blow off steam, I’ll admit. I came quite close to punching a cantankerous old sod in the shop the other day, with his racist ideology. I’d have felt better if I did and though it doesn’t justify what happened in class, it maybe hints at a bigger picture- the under surface cracks that can appear in people.
To cut a long story short, I had a TA in who did more harm than good. How does this relate to my poetry blog? Well, I was so angry I’ve done one of those vent poems that gets written in a rage and never gets put anywhere. You can have a read below.  
Shakespeare said, in his introduction to Henry IV that ‘The speed with which falsehood travels was a classical commonplace’.  He is saying here a very similar thing to the much attributed ‘…before the truth can put its boots on’ line we all have heard before. That one moment of losing the plot by the TA though (in some part the fault of the seven kids in the corridor), well, it has forced something out of me and though I’ll leave the school details out, I wasn’t a happy chappy, put it that way.
We can all have a Mars a day. Make your Mars a chocolate one, or something else you enjoy (vegan alternative for me)- there really is no need to rock the boat all the time. I’ll leave you with that. I’m ranting.

The chain forgot that we exist
And talk of work like all the rest
That through our agencies we know
The schools to jump at,  the ones to say No
Way, Jose! Multicultural madness mushrooms
Chairs thrown by boys at the kid you detest
Whose dad is a racist, and the thug doesn’t think
that to risk stepping in means you’ve sexually groomed
The future Young Offender institute’s top detainee
I’d drive the little wretches out, one by one in assembly
For we talk about the day we’ve had at work and realise
There is madness in the youth, something is missing in their eyes.
I taught a class the next town down
A special business taster day
All safe in the help of a specialist TA
Who sent seven out for backchat,( I feel here that I should mention
That to bollock them in my lunchtime gives me unpaid detention!)
Yes, it is the children’s fault,
Yes, it is TV.
Yes, it is computer games and yes, it’s partly me.
For I’d sack it in tomorrow
Teach somewhere that is worth my while
With a badge not saying visitor where my colleagues wear a smile
I’d not teach in schools with scruffy kids and hormonal TAs
But the Tories are in, the sad fact is, and sadly morals do not pay.

Thanks for reading, S. 


Ashley R Lister said...

Excellent start to the week: wrathful Gods seeking vengeance on TAs.

I'm reading your poetry at the E&D forum tomorrow morning. I wish I'd had access to a copy of this one :-)