Monday, 16 April 2012

Insignificant Words.

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This blog is intentionally a little late today. The theme for the week is book burning and so, if we're setting opinions on fire my evening post doesn't really matter. 
I was considering my approach to this blog and it became, in the face of all the potential issues, rather tedious to stretch out my own opinions this week. The theme is a pretty volatile one and so I could go on to mention destroying great literature, be all cryptic and go down the removing resources route or I could just post a terrifying picture of a book burning example from history. I could ask you to think about all those memories you have shaped from childhood- your view on the world shaped through the literary landscapes of your imagination and I could then ask you to erase them and reconsider the value of the world you see. I would never try to sway you like that...

I'll leave you to your own thoughts on this: if we're burning books then anything ever written down by any of us is insignificant, right. 

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Ashley R Lister said...

It really is a contentious topic this week.

Thanks for being brave enough to start the ball rolling.