Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Heroes

By Louise Barklam, featured poet in the first Dead Good Poets' Anthology.

When I found out the theme for this week's blog, I have to admit, it stopped me in my tracks. What on earth could I write about Heroes? It truly gave me pause for thought. So as I cranked up the old brain cells, I realised I was going to have to run through "What is a Hero?" and "Who is a Hero?" etc.

Of course, as children, through the "power" of TV, we are taught that Heroes are usually of the "Super" variety with special powers. It is only later on that we realise that there is no such thing, but that there is a more "Garden Variety". These wonderful specimens of nature are collectively known as Humans!

There are those who risk their lives on our behalf such as the Armed Forces or the Emergency Services. Whether they are Fallen, Veterans or Active Service Personnel, I truly believe they do deserve the title of Hero. Recently, 6 members of the Armed Services were repatriated after being killed in action in Afganistan. Although I didn't know any of them personally, I know a member of one of these soldiers families. If that particular soldier was anything like the person I know, then it is without a doubt, that he was one of the finest men you could meet. I wrote poem this for them.


Another Fallen Hero:

Another family torn apart,
By a sacrifice noble and true,
In service to Queen and Country,
With thoughts of "It was the right thing to do".

Another name etched in stone,
In memory of that selfless soul,
Who did what they could to protect us,
Yet paid the ultimate toll.

Another coffin repatriated,
To our "Green and Pleasant land",
Then buried with a Guard of Honour,
Relatives left feeling: "War be damned!".

Another Widow left alone,
With Children to console,
Just too young to understand,
The reason for the familial hole,

Another family torn apart,
Another name etched in stone,
Another coffin repatriated,
Another Widow left alone.

Another Fallen Hero,
Who we will never forget,
They gave their life for us today,
Without reluctance or regret.


Without wanting to take anything away from these immensely brave souls, I also realised, that it is not the reserve of that Elite. Even the most unlikely of people can be a Hero, as acts of Heroism could be placed on a "Spectrum" of deeds. From the greatest and grandest of gestures or actions, to just being there to listen when someone needs you the most. 

I found myself, within the last 2 years, in a position I NEVER had anticipated so soon in the passing of my husband. Were it not for certain people helping me by simply being there to listen, even when they had more than enough on their own plate, it is possible that my life could have been drastically different. I am surrounded by Heroes, family and friends alike.

So, at the risk of sounding overly sentimental or corny, I am unapologetically taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU to them all. None of you will ever know the degree of heartfelt gratitude I feel for each and everyone of you. You are all Heroes to me!!

My Heroes:

Help! That's the word that triggers something special,
Creates a moment for someone to step up to the plate,
It may come from a quarter unexpected, yet welcome,
A random act of kindness? Or is it Fate?

Extraordinary deeds happen everyday,
We don't always hear about it though, it's true.
But don't lose heart, there are people around,
Who will always be there, just for you!

Remember, these people don't possess "Super-powers",
They look just like you and me,
But when it comes to the crunch they will be there,
Turning things around or just being there, selflessly.

Opportunity may arise or occasion may occur,
That YOU can fill this very special role,
Be it once in a lifetime or regularly,
No qualifications are needed, look into your soul.

Except, 'til the time comes it's impossible,
To know exactly how you'll react,
Each situation is different and there are no rules,
Trust your instinct, you'll find the knack!

Stories may not be told of how you have helped,
In your own very special, individual way,
For more often than not it's the simplest things,
That can make Heroes out of all of us, each day!



Lara Clayton said...

Hi Louise,
A moving and beautiful post. Thank you for joining us.


Ashley R Lister said...

Hi Louise,

Moving poetry and thought-provoking words. I hope you're going to be able to make it to the next dead good poetry event at the No. 5.


Lindsay said...

Thanks for joining us today looby, Jay would be bursting with pride right now x

Louise Barklam said...

Thank you Lindsay, Lara and Ashley for your kind words. I must admit to feeling nervous that you would think that it's too mushy, either that or boring, as I went with a more Literal approach. However, what I have written is exactly how I feel, and in this day and age it is too easy to forget to say thank you. Hence the fact that I jumped on this to express how I felt. Forgive me. ;-)

And yes, most definately, I will be be at the next shin-dig at the No.5.