Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Paradise Oskar: Da Da Dam

Last year, after much persuading from Shaun, I sat down to watch Eurovision (he also likes to watch Mamma Mia! The Movie in sing-along mode). I grumbled and complained, as I usually do when I don’t get things my way, and Shaun made those puppy dog eyes that make me feel guilty.

A year on, and Shaun wishes he’d never forced me to watch 2011’s Eurovision. He wishes that I’d never seen Finland’s entry. That a singer-songwriter with a guitar hadn’t walked onto the stage singing about saving the world. He wishes that I hadn’t heard the lyrics – and loved them. That I’d forget the artist’s name (like you’re meant to). He wishes that I’d never discovered Paradise Oskar. That I hadn’t downloaded the whole album. He wishes that he could delete it from my ipod...

...Because for the last year this is what I’ve been listening to:

This (and the rest of the album) has been my guilty pleasure for the last eleven months.
I listen to it when I’m happy. I listen to it when I’m sad. I listen to it in the car, singing along like a true Paradise Oskar groupie.  

And this has all resulted in the album (Sunday Songs) being my 'most listened to' album over the last year.

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Ashley R Lister said...

A couple of years ago I went to a Eurovision party. We all gathered at a friend's house, eating exotic European nibbles, drinking themed wines, and generally savouring the ambience of the night.

Except I kept getting confused with place names, and talking about the entries from Azkaban and Mordor...

Which is probably why I was never invited back.


Lara Clayton said...

Ha ha :) Sorry it's such a short post - I've got a massive amount of MA work so mind is somewhere else at present...