Thursday, 28 June 2012

Through thick and thin, both over hill and plain

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Hello from the Beyond the Borders Storytelling Festival in Wales! *wave*  Here's a pome created (in advance) from the first lines of a variety of posts over the last year.  Obviously I'm uber proud of us all and the effort we've put in.  Viva la blog!

Bee Dee Gee Pee

"Good it’s difficult  morning.  
Can I put some music on?"
to place a value on 

The hunt began
in an overcast (Monday morning) gloom
that promised 
rain to come.

I’m that man                    you know           that         always           pushes it         too               far.

My father was a music hall 
comedian.  I didn’t grow up 

in Blackpool. Nightsoil men 
worked through the night
It’s less than a memory; 
more like an impression

I adore a good, scary (hundreds of headstones) 
horror (in various types of stone) 
story (surround me)

This week /I’m leaving you. I’m sorry/ I’m cheating
At the shore of the loch was a -
Who am I?
You arrive at a party.
- tumbling stream

I often get into discus’Scuse us matesions on controversial 

I couldn’t write this post 
last night, 
nor could I write it 
this morning.



Ashley R Lister said...

Hope you're having fun in Welsh Wales.

I remember reading (some of) these words the first time round.

Does this mean we've been writing poetry for the past twelve months?


vicky ellis said...

It's all poetry Ash :)

Wales is beeyooteaful. We're at St Donat's Castle by the sea. The rain only improves the vista.

Lindsay said...

I remember some of these too! I can't quite believe it's been a year already. Excellent writing as always Vicky :)