Monday, 23 July 2012


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Today is Leo day. The day for all my fellow summer borns to rejoice in having our star sign in power. Or something like that.

I don't believe in star signs really. They probably have more significance than I think. They probably also have more significance than a lot of the religious stuff people live their lives by. I still have to be a little pessimistic though- after all, the last place I want to be is a drunken dial away from a Psychic hotline and major phone bill.

That said, I had to find something to write here for the blog. Something about characters and how star signs could be an interesting way to develop them- for traits and whatnot was the first idea I had. Then the golf started and, in truth, I couldn't be bothered. I barely found time to get to my allotment, despite having a constant reminder of how perfect the conditions were courtesy of BBC's live coverage from down the road. I did start to develop a poem idea though- something along the lines of big game hunting is the thinking so watch this space.

So that is me really. I'm a Leo and, in reading back over those bits at the top, reckon that pretty much sums me up- strong willed but very much an 'I'll do it when I want' kind of person. Well, unless the phone rings tomorrow and something I would actually like to do happens (hint hint ANYONE!).

Whilst researching my meagre blog post, I did find this peach in Take A Break's Fate and Fortune Magazine. You'll be surprised to know it also applies to pets, not just Shauns.

"...born under Leo are masters of all they survey. Proud, loving and loyal, your Leo pet likes to rule the roost, loves being the centre of attention and adores cuddles. They're sunny, cheerful and can seem lazy- but a snoozing Leo pet is a happy one.
DO: Groom them often. They can't get enough of being pampered. If there was a pet spa, they'd be first in the queue.
DON'T: Laugh at your pet if they do something silly. They're very proud."

(taken from: TAB Fate & Fortune, issue August 2012).

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Ashley R Lister said...

From this day on, whenever I see Take A Break on the shelves, I shall picture you flicking through a copy whilst being pampered.