Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fifty Shades of Red

1.      September leaves before they fall.
2.      Rust on the Triumph propped up outside.
3.      The bricks around a fireplace.
4.      A glass of black grape wine.
5.      Mistakes in a Word document (or words Word doesn’t know).
6.      Squashed beetles in penny sweets.
7.      Our dwindling native squirrels.
8.      The dressing gown (with fluffy sheep) that I made him return – but I kept the socks.
9.      Royal Gala apples bobbing in a bucket at Halloween
10.  Noses in winter and the ones found on clowns
11.  The hips on the ‘Sweet Briar’ ...
12.  ... and the plant pot it sits in.
13.  Love hearts and kisses.
14.  The traffic light that tells us to stop.
15.  Homemade tomato soup once the nights draw in.
16.  Holly and Christmas and St. Nick’s coat.
17.  The lollipops Patch invented in Santa Claus: The Movie.
18.  The Treasure Secretary’s hair.
19.  Ed Miliband’s tie.
20.  A flying carpet and a fading sun.
21.  The Hillsborough lies and the paper that spread them.
22.  The post boxes we pass without really noticing.
23.  An old-style phone box turned into a library.
24.  Danger, blood and ‘No Entry’ signs.
25.  Candlelight, passion and romantic gestures.
26.   An argument about laundry or washing-up
27.  The lipstick I’ve never worn.
28.  The away shirt we (Coventry) never won away in.
29.  Being eaten by a wolf disguised as a Granny
30.  Wembley, Old Trafford, Anfield and Bramall Lane.
31.  Lightning McQueen and Mr Strong.
32.  Strawberries, Raspberries and mixed fruit jam.
33.  Envelopes (on Valentine’s day).
34.  Chilli peppers, paprika and pink peppercorns.
35.  The Hush Puppy patent leather shoes from when I was 5.
36.  Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Field.”
37.  Coral and the Squirrelfish.
38.  Flea bites, wasp stings, chickenpox and pimples.
39.  The car I learnt to drive in.
40.  Cranberry juice and Costa cups.
41.  The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
42.  Fingertips after a snowball fight.
43.  The planet Mars, Mira and Betelgeuse.
44.  The Flash, Daredevil, Iron Man and Superman’s cape.
45.  The sofa on BBC Breakfast.
46.  A robin’s chest and a swooping cardinal.
47.  Calcium when it burns.
48.  Player two on Fifa 12
49.  St. George’s cross and Denmark’s flag.
50.  A sending off in football.

Thank you for reading,


Shaun said...

Fantastic stuff.

And to think, we're sometimes so lazy we just say something is red.
This makes a fantastic resource for anyone who is looking to go just that little bit further. Top post!

Ashley R Lister said...

I agree with Shaun on this one - love it.


vicky ellis said...

Evidence, were it further required, of your creative ability and observational skills. That's some lateral thinking right there - love it :)

Lara Clayton said...

Thank you :) I started to struggle around the thirty mark - thinking of fifty things that are red was more difficult than I had initial anticipated. But, I did feel that it could be a useful warm up exercise both for myself and others.

Alex Herd said...

Love the idea! Will there be a follow up of fifty shades of (insert colour here)?