Monday, 8 April 2013

Vintage Poulton

Happy new week everybody.

I sure you have heard by now, the Dead Good Poets have been asked to write and perform poetry at this years Poulton Gala.

This is quite an honour for 2 reasons. One: people of Poulton are going to let people for Blackpool come and help them enjoy their day of celebration (not that I'm saying there is any inter-town rivalry whatsoever), and Two: these poems will be published and forever entwined with the long and proud history of this historic event.

So poets get scribing!

The theme of this years Gala is vintage. So the parade through the town will be full of folks wearing clothes from different eras, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, or maybe medieval. History is a very long book full to the brim of wonderful stories.

So to make the book a bit more interesting the theme for the poets to write to is Vintage Poulton. Choose a story from it's past, or just make one up using historical and geographic references. It whole point of this is to have fun, celebrate the long history of the area and share it with the people of Poulton.

A quick search on Google gave me this page:

You can speak to these kind folks is you like. They are more than willing to tell you all about the history of Poulton.

I will be designing the book, which will be publish as a Dead Good Publications title with the profits being split between the Blackpool Dead Good Poets Society and the Poulton Gala.

All poems must be in by the 20th of April so we have time to edit, design and publish. It is my intention to have to book on sale for the event (fingers crossed)

If you don't want to perform don't worry, we are accepting work to be considered for the publication only.

The book will be available on Amazon worldwide in print and electronically on Kindle.

If you need help or advice please feel free to contact the DGPS or attend a special workshop run by the award winning Vicky Ellis at the Blackpool Library on Saturday the 13th from 11am till 1pm.

I always find it quite exciting when the Dead Good Poets pull together on a project. I hoping this will be the first of many that we get to do.

I'm looking forward to reading your work.

Running free across the Fylde fields,
As Wyre waters escape to the sea.
Proud beast of noble herd stands high on heels,
Surveying the land as far as could see.

Before the Nazarene, before the isle,
You walked upon this green and pleasant land.
For few could stop you commanding the mile,
Magnificent creature to see you stand.

But who is this with spear of sharpened stone,
The huntsman cometh with entrapping barb.
In but moments cutting deep to the bone,
Rule ended for thou meat and fancy garb.

Once your force majestic hooves a thunder,
Tis now food and warmth for man to plunder.  


Louise Barklam said...

Ok. I have put something together. What e-mail address do I send it to please?

Lisa McFleeca said...

I like the scenic imagery... Still haven't got a poem written i like yet. Trying some other angles before Friday.

Love the poem :-)

L x

Ashley R Lister said...

Thank you. I think I'm a step closer to having an idea.


vicky ellis said...

Eek! One week between workshop and submission? Not much time for editing. Would folks prefer to use Saturday's workshop for group feedback?