Monday, 22 July 2013

Not in my backyard

Not in my backyard

Rip up the landscape,
Lay down the tracks,
Let them who claim to lead us,
Get quickly there and back.
Through this green and pleasant land,
From the smoke around the Shard,
All in the name of progress,
Just not in my backyard.

Dig holes in the hillside,
Force water to fetch the gas,
Pay the village folk a percentage,
For the disruption of shaking mass.
Give jobs to those around the holes,
Get them to punch the card,
All in the name of prosperity,
Just not in my backyard.

Stare in the face of hunger,
Watch children die for clothes,
See farmers forced to sell their souls,
As the world economy slows.
See the families suffer,
Behind the multinational fa├žade,
All in the name of value,
Just not in my backyard.

Stand up against the tyranny,
Say no to politics of hate,
Refuse to allow the status quo,
Deny the sniper at the gate.
Kick out the would be hustlers,
Show them how life is hard,
Because this world which they are fucking up,
Just happens to be my backyard.



Ashley R Lister said...

Powerful stuff. And I agree with everything except the part about the farmers :-)


Colin Davies said...

Only that they get screwed over by Walmart and Tesco on a regular basis.

Lisa Kelly said...

Meant to comment on this earlier and then totally blanked. I like the rantiness in this. It's very you at the moment Colin. I'm waiting for you to start your very own poets political party....

L :-)