Saturday, 14 September 2013

The 10 Commandments of FaceBook

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 by Ashley Lister

1 You shall have no other social media networking sites before Facebook.

2 You shall not do the Twitter shit (unless you feed Twitter links through to your status updates).

3 You shall not take the name of Dr Zoidberg in vain. [NB- this might not be the bloke's name. check it before going to print] 

4 Remember to check your messages every day.

5 Honour your father and your mother and don’t post photos that are likely to cause them embarrassment, just like you would not want them to post photos that would cause you embarrassment.

6 You shall only defriend people when they really piss you off. Or post status updates that contain grammatical errors.

7 You shall not post raunchy comments on photos of people of the opposite sex unless you’ve ticked the ‘it’s complicated box’ under relationship settings.

8 You shall not steal cool statuses and try to pass them off as your own.

9 You shall not photo tag friends in porn images.

10 You shall never click on the ads because they’re a pain in the backside.



Colin Davies said...

I think this is pretty spot on.

Cracking post

Ashley R Lister said...


Webmaster said...

Not sure I can resist 8?

Ashley R Lister said...

I have to admit, I'm guilty of breaking a few on this list and number 8 is one of them.