Sunday, 8 September 2013

Undiscovering the magic

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Good afternoon folks.
This week on the blog, we've been looking at magic. On this note, I have discovered a machine that lets me turn back time- I'm going to squander it as well. I'm not meeting world leaders, not stopping bombs and I'm not revisiting my degree to hand all my work in time. No, I'm going to listen to last night's poetry show and visit Friday's event- it seems another month has gone by!
Okay, so I don't have the ability to do any of these things- just a really shocking memory and schedule. I did need something to open this blog with though, so please accept my humble, late apologies for being the worst attending poet this year. I fully intend to make an appearance and hate the fact I keep missing out on great nights. 

Until next time then, have a poem... or at least an attempt at something on the theme. 
Thanks for reading, S. 

Voyage of Undiscovery

Attempting to incant the dreams of youth
I dug out my old magic set
from the attic chest where it long since slept-
I was seeking the secrets of truth.

Amidst the dust the gig was on
the sixty four pieces unveiled
I had conned myself in honesty
never was such a tidy child.

There, from the molded plastic box
Where two of three cups sat
I unpacked the various bits of tricks-
and donned the magic hat.

I sought wonder in a tatty deck of cards
Examined coloured plastic rings
Spent an hour trying to fathom out
What to do with safety pins.

There were shoelaces, gloves and magic wands-
including one wand that only flopped over-
and had I still been a ten year old boy,
I'd have magic now to show you.

But the things I found inside that box should never have been known
The trick book, yes, but also each contorted cube of foam
for it came to me with such clarity, with the slightest sleight of hand
the straw broke that particular camel's back, the magic seemed less grand-

For I've learnt and I've tried, but can't recreate
The unexpected moment when
the coin came out from behind my ear
and I suspect I won't again.



Colin Davies said...

Nice work. I do like this one

Ashley R Lister said...

It was a great night. You missed some stellar performances. It will be good to see you at an open mic soon. There are a few of them coming up before the end of the year.