Friday, 1 November 2013

Bang goes that idea ...

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This week my greatest fears have been realised.  The subject is Politics.

I hate Politics!  I know, I know. It pretty much affects every single thing in our daily lives, right from Office Politics or Playground Politics,  but still, when it comes to Politicians, I have very little tolerance. 

When it comes around to Election time, be it local or national, I hide.  My fingers hover over the remote just in case a Party Political Broadcast interrupts my TV viewing.  I barely leave the house to avoid them, but should they come knocking at my door, I don't answer it.  I bin their leaflets without a second glance.  Yes, I vote.  I am already aware of which Political Party represents my interests, I do not need it ramming down my throat at every opportunity.

Politicians have a language all their own. A way of speaking that can give a response to a question without actually giving a proper answer.  That REALLY annoys me!!  A simple Yes or No  would have sufficed, but then if they did that, it would be an absolute admission to something wouldn't it!

When things go wrong, they blame everyone except themselves.  Fellow Politicians end up taking the blame for something which had nothing at all to do with them. It makes my blood boil!

It is because of my passionate feelings for Politics (or lack thereof) that I have some understanding why people go to extremes (I would like to point out at this juncture that I DO NOT condone any kind of Extremism).  Look at Guy Fawkes as an example.  Although he wasn't a Politician, but in a gang determined to blow up King James I when he sat in the Houses of Parliament, he ended up being the fall guy for the whole group and is still being demonised all these years later.  Was he the leader of this gang?  No. Just a small cog in the organisation.  Do we demonise the Leader of said group or any of the other members?  No.  They are largely forgotten.  He was in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing!  THAT'S why Mr Guido Fawkes became the scape goat for the entire group.  Arrrrgggghhh, Politics!!

So, as we are approaching Bonfire night, I thought I would share one of the poems that was originally written to be read out at Poulton Rotary Club's Bonfire Display at Cottam Hall Playing Fields next Tuesday 5th November.  We decided to use a different one to this, so I know I can share it with you.

Bonfire Blazing
(For Poulton Rotary Club)

A ritual observed year upon year
A gathering of people who without any fear
Can celebrate something so beautiful and fun
With dark undertones of Treason come undone
Every year millions of Bonfires burn
Effigies of a Man who against Parliament turned
Warning all those who amass nearby
In the chill of November we all know the Guy
Then brilliance bursts across the night sky
A spectrum of hues delighting the eye
Under a blanket of black those fireworks glimmer
With every explosion of light stunning patterns shimmer
Bejewelling the darkness with glittering gems
Decorative adornment we hope never ends
The “Oooooooh’s” and the “Aaaaaaah’s” a satisfying sign
Of an impressive display planned by design
Woolley hats, coat’s, mittens and boots we must wear
As sparklers dance and trace lines through the air
So, join with me won’t you in reciting a rhyme
We’ve known it since Childhood remembered through time
As we stand here commemorating justice over intent evil
This date in November, with this crowd of people:
“Remember, remember, the 5th of November,
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot,
I see no reason, why Gunpowder and Treason,
Should ever be forgot!”
Feel free to join us on Tuesday, it would be great to see you.  You could even get some nice refreshments.  Hmm, I wonder if there will be any ice cream on sale?





Ashley R Lister said...

I've never seen Guy Fawkes as the demonised villain. I always thought we were celebrating the fact that he tried to do something about the government.

Great post - and the Rotary's bonfire sounds like it will be as successful as ever ;-)


Colin Davies said...

I understand your freustrations.

Love the poem, and I'm looking forward to hear the ome read out at Cottom Hall.

Adele said...

A lovely atmospheric poem. Love the oo's and aa's. You are enjoying your place with The Rotary Louise. I am sure they are delighted with you efforts.

vicky ellis said...

I agree with Ash but now you've got me wondering why we give a penny to the guy. Is it to fund his next attempt?

Your poem makes me want to buy toffee apples and stand beside a big fire (as long as there aren't any catholics on top)

Louise Barklam said...

Thanks everyone. I hadn't checked the comments for a day and a half, so was pleasantly surprised when I found these. :-)