Sunday, 3 November 2013

When enough is enough... Political poetry.

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Good afternoon readers,

When I discovered that the theme this week was politics, I nearly danced. I have long been an admirer of those who don't shy away from it but stand up and deliver their messages in poetry. It must be tough, having climbed the ladder to break through only to then be labelled as a leftie, a feminist, a commie, a liberal, a soft touch or whatever else you choose to speak about. I like the old adage write what you know, so you can rest assured you'll never get the Tory manifesto in my poems... I'm a leftie, a vegan and getting ever more offensively socialist every time I watch the news. 
Well what do you know that we don't, Shaun? I know I've had enough. I've had enough of the pandering to the one percent, of the hikes in living costs and flatlining wage packets, of the ridiculous way our elected (hmppph) Prime Minister has stood at his box for three years now blaming Labour for the downturn of the world economy, and that he continues to get away with it. We're peddled half-truths and shortcomings instead of credit where it is due. I know we're being told nothing, absolutely nothing, is the fault of the bungling twerps in the Conservative party and if you don't agree with that view, well the leader of the opposition's dead father was a socialist, so don't vote for them, he could never do any good. 
Don't get my back up. My parents met at a young socialist meeting long enough ago to have played a part getting Jack Straw elected and I'm not a bad person. My family aren't bad people and my friends aren't either. None of us rob, cheat or fiddle our way through life and none of us, not a single one, is taking the piss out of the state. 
It is a shame the same can't be said for Dave and George. They've been dragged up, silver spooned in the washrooms of elite public school and turned out as near hateful wannabe Thatcherites. It isn't their fault that their parents weren't socialists. They can't be blamed for not understanding why people were striking in Grangemouth. Rather, they took Maggie's view that it must be the dirty poor workers taking the piss. When they failed to back the workers last week, I wasn't surprised. They've never really known people that work to live and feed their families- no, in their world you work to get free shares and favours and if the job isn't a good one, there'll always be the dividends to fall back on. Don't get me wrong though- I don't and can't speak for Dave here- he hasn't had a real job in his life.
Yes, people are political. Yes, poets can be political. Yes, poets should write to be heard and then shout it from the rafters. There is a voice of reason to be controlled at the end of the day, and I'd much rather it came from the arty, understanding side!
Here's one I prepared earlier.

Enough is enough

It may not seem right demonstrating with rats
outside family homes to start a spat
but newsworthy? It seems funny that
when the country can see their pain.

With a government war against the 'shirkers',
backing bosses that cull jobs to flood their own purses
show me, what is the bloody purpose
ask yourself- can you trust them again?

For the unions represent the workers
they're a blessing against the owner's curses
standing up for their rights when staff feel worthless
the blame isn't theirs, nor the shame.

So someone tell the great PM
that we've had enough of this us and them
and we'd all rather be Len McClusky's friend
for at least he can understand us.

He gets that the country is getting hacked off
and that most normal people don't give a toss
were it not for being dealt such a savage loss
on the pensions, careers and lifestyles

So now is the time to stop battering people
regardless of class, regardless of steeple
if there's war to be had then until we're all equal
there will always be room to unite.

For despite what we're told about needing a pay squeeze
The company bosses don their holiday skis,
we've a chancellor claiming we're not on our knees
and that Britain is hiring, not firing.

Tell that to the hard working fuel poor
who bring less back in real terms now through the door
than they would have done every year before
show them where the salaries are rising.

Yes, it may be so for the top fat cats;
the ones still evading their super tax,
stocking up on their margins whilst wages lapse
I say all hands to pumps, get the rats out.

Thanks for reading,


vicky ellis said...

Bloody brilliant. You should read this at the No 5 on 20th Nov. Tonly Walsh is performing. I'd love to hear you read this one.

Do many people meet their future spouse at young socialist meetings do you think? :-)

Colin Davies said...

Top top stuff S.

I agree with Vicky.